Masterpieces Of American Jewelry

Here’s a dazzling look at the history of our country told through its jewelry. Produced to coincide with the National Jewelry Institute’s “America the Beautiful” exhibition, which will begin at New York’s new American Folk Art Museum and travel throughout Europe and Asia, this sumptuously photographed coffee-table book traces the emotional and cultural implications of jewelry in America. From the Lady Liberty brooch, made in Connecticut in 1797, to the simple, classic prong setting for diamonds developed by Charles Louis Tiffany in 1886, to the elegant cocktail jewelry developed as a protest against Prohibition, Masterpieces of American Jewelry showcases our country’s history in an enchanting new way.

Masterpieces of French Jewelry

Masterpieces of French Jewelry is a delightful testament to the power of jewelry-like all true art-to mirror changes in America’s evolving social milieu. It offers an enchanting lens through which to view America’s rise from frontier nation to an industrial superpower, with a new moneyed class hungry for recognition and status. French jewelry provided that and more. This sumptuously-designed full color book-the first and only one on this subject-features over 80 photographs of the most remarkable pieces that found their way into prominent American collections. It also showcases a brilliant array of styles. There are chapters devoted to jewelry characteristic of the Art Nouveau period, along with Art Deco, the Victorian Era, 1940s retro, and the 1960s through more contemporary styles. An added bonus: one-of-a-kind jewelry creations from notable artists such as Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Matta, and Arman. The publication of Masterpieces of French Jewelry coincides with the National Jewelry Institute’s exhibition, “Masterpieces of French Jewelry from Twentieth-Century American Collections,” which will begin at The Forbes Galleries in New York in September 2006.

Masterpieces of Ancient Jewelry

Packed full of truly stunning colour photographs this book looks at examples of jewelry in the Near East from the oldest decorative pieces in c.4000 BC to the Ottoman Empire. The text is interspersed with Q&A sessions with experts on the material culture of the different periods.

Lest We Forget: Masterpieces of Patriotic Jewelry and Military Decorations

Since ancient times, memorable moments of military history have been commemorated with jewelry, medals, and symbolic accessories. In Lest We Forget: Masterpieces of Patriotic Jewelry and Military Decorations, Judith Price illuminates iconic military objects, exploring their origins and documenting their place in history. The dramatic compilation of patriotic jewelry and decorations presented in Price’s sixth book tells a truly dazzling story of Western historical conflict and resolution.

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